Family Trust (Discretionary Trust)

Trusts are often poorly understood by those looking to start their own business or currently operating an existing business. However trusts are actually very straightforward and their use can deliver significant benefits to your business.

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There are several types of trusts. A family trust also known as a discretionary trust contains four main components;

  1. a trustee,
  2. a trust deed,
  3. beneficiaries, and
  4. an appointer.

The trustee exercises discretion over how the trust is run including the investments and debts the trust takes on and also how the income generated by the trust is distributed. The trustee may be a company, sole trader, partnership, or individual.

The trust deed stipulates how the trust will operate.

The beneficiaries of the trust are the individuals who have been nominated to receive income or incur the expenses of the trust. Finally, the appointer appoints the trustee and has the ability to replace them at their will.

The interaction between these trust elements is illustrated below.

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David and Tom decide to operate their restaurant using a discretionary trust where David acts as the trustee and they are both beneficiaries. The restaurant’s assets are owned by the trust and David as the trustee decides on how the income they generate is distributed among Tom and himself.

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