A partnership involves two or more partners that jointly own the business’ assets and liabilities and make joint decisions over how the business is run. The partners do not have to be individuals they can also be companies or trusts.


David and his friend Tom decide to open a restaurant together. They establish a partnership where the assets and the liabilities of the restaurant are split equally between them. Similarly, the income and expenses the restaurant incurs are divided equally.

To set up your partnership we strongly recommend seeking expert advice from one of our business advisors.

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How do I arrange a consultation?

This can be done face to face, by skype or by phone. Having a consultation with on of our experts, will give you peace of mind that your assets are protected and you have the correct setup in place going forward.

Our expert partner team of Business and Financial Advisors can also help with many other services to ensure your business venture is a success and profitable, including:

  • ABN / TFN / GST / PAYG Advice and setup
  • Business coaching and growth solutions
  • Business plans
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Investment strategies
  • Capital raising
  • Business and equipment finance
  • Marketing strategies plans
  • Bookkeeping software setup, training, and advice
  • SMSF setup advice including properties, bare trusts and investments

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