Products and Fees


New Company Printed, quality bound and delivered $943.22
New Company Documents Emailed $794.03
New Public Company Shares $990.00
New Public Company Non-Profit $1210.00

Online Company Order Form      Download Company Order Form (Bound)

Download Company Order Form (Emailed)



Change of Directors from $374.00
Allotment of Shares from $374.00
Transfer of Shares from $374.00
Adopt a Constitution from $192.50
Company Reinstatement from $340.00
Share Buybacks from $605.00
Capital Reductions from $605.00
Company Conversion (eg Pty to Public) from $670.00
Company Register Replacement from $340.00
Change company name $860.00
Deregistration $278.00



Discretionary Trusts (Printed, quality bound and delivered. We provide Settlor.) $345.00

Discretionary Trusts (Documents emailed. Settlor is required)

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Unit Trusts (Printed, quality bound and delivered)



Unit Trusts (Documents emailed)

Online Unit Trust Order Form         Download Unit Trust Order Form




SMSF (Printed, quality bound and delivered)



SMSF (Documents emailed)

Online SMSF Trust Order form         Download SMSF Trust Order Form




Bare Trust (Printed, quality bound and delivered)



Bare Trust (Documents emailed)

Online Bare Trust Order Form         Download Bare Trust Order Form




Deed Variation (Copy of executed deed required)

Online Trust Deed Variation Order Form         Download Trust Deed Order Form


from $560.00